Information for exhibitors

Here you can find important and useful information for your preparations for Interpets Osaka.
Interpets Osaka will be held with highest possible safety standards.


West & South Halls

Participation fee & booth details


1 booth = 9sqm (W3m x D3m)     JPY 330,000     (tax excluded)

-The space is provided without any booth fittings such as octanorm wall panel system, sign, needle punch carpet and power supply.

-All exhibitors are required to arrange booth fittings, at least the compulsory fittings indicated in the exhibitor manual issued in November 2021, at their own expense.

-Rental stand is available for your easy participation. Please refer to the details on rental stand


Appeal your participation with the minimum expense!

"Mini packaged booth"- including both space and booth equipment fees will enable you to participate in the fair in an efficient and smooth way.

Mini packaged booth includes:

-Needle punch carpet (Blue) 
-Octanorm wall panel system (H2.7m)
-Octanorm fasia
-Exhibitor name sign (company name, booth number) per open side (blue color only)
-Booth No. sign
-LED Fluorescent lamp (20W)
-Double electrical outlet (100V / 1kW)
-Power supply installation, electricity fee (up to 1kW)
-Booth construction and dismantling

*Color choice of needle punch carpet available with extra charge
*There is no wall on the aisle side of the corner booth.
*When the adjoining booth is also mini packaged booth, the octanorm wall panel is to be shared.


Booth location will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make an early application.

Should you wish to have corner booth(s), please contact the organiser.

* Applying for 1 or 2 standard booths and request two open sides, an additional fee of JPY40,000(tax excluded) will apply.
1 booth: JPY 40,000 (tax excluded) / 2 booth: JPY 80,000(tax excluded)

* Applying for 1 or 2 mini packaged booths and request two open sides, an additional fee of JPY 20,000(tax excluded) will apply.
1 booth: JPY 20,000 (tax excluded) / 2 booth: JPY 40,000(tax excluded)

* Applying for more than 3 booths and request more than one open side, an additional fee will not apply.

* The open side of your stand is determined by the organiser and subject to availability within each hall. For those offered this optional arrangement will receive an invoice after booth allocation.

Additional payment is required by the date on the invoice.

Important schedule

Here you will find the important schedule for your participation.

22 November 2022 : Deadline for applications

*Application will be closed before the deadline when the available booths are fully booked.

Please submit in an application:
- application form
- Company profile (only for first-time exhibitors)
- Product catalogue / pictures

February 2023    
Booth allocation
Receive exhibitor manual
Start preparation

14 – 15 June 2023     Move-in / stand construction

16 June–18 June 2023      Fair opens
*open to the public on 17 - 18  June 

Tips for a successful show

A smart arrangement for standard booth (Optional)

For standard booths, the space is provided without any booth fitting. All exhibitors are required to arrange booth fitting at their own expense.

An economical and convenient package - rental stand is available upon request.
More details coming later.

Do you realise what important purpose of participating in fairs is? If so, do you share the news with your colleagues?

The unique feature of trade fairs is they allow participants to collect large number of prospects from all over the world, in one location, over a short period of time. This allows you to conduct business and marketing activities intensively and effectively!


-What is the trade fair ?
1. Trade fair is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. It is good venues for meeting many potential buyers, distributors, retailers and customers for your business all at once.
2. There are greater opportunities to enhance brand visibility, promote new and existing products, generate leads, and drive incremental sales. Exhibiting also enables you to stay on top of the latest industry trends, gain competitor insights, make key industry contacts, and further solidify relationships with current customers.
3. Taking part in trade fair is a great way to get your business known to the target markets efficiently.

-Tell us about what we should do before the fair !
1. Set a simple and clear target to share with team members.
2. Plan a visitor-friendly booth design to attract more business and customers.
3. Send invitations to prospects and make the most use of promotional tools provided by the organiser!
4. Announce your attendance via websites and e-mail using digital tools (fair logo, e-card, and more.)
5. Prepare giveaway samples, catalogues and price lists.
6. Place advertisement in the official fair guide and website that will be seen by over 10,000 visitors before the fair.
7. PR activities for the press/journalists.

-What is the key point to reach the best results during the fair ?
1. Have experienced staff at your booth. Having decision makers at the booth is very effective.
2. Prepare an interpreter for the booths to ensure smooth communication.
3. Provide exclusive offers that are only available at the fair ground. This technique is well-received by buyers.
4. Hold events, presentations and small talk shows, to create more opportunities to communicate with visitors.

- Are there anything we should do after the fair ?
Immediately follow up with customers. This is the key to success. Send the thank you letters, brochures and other materials.

Join our advertising and sponsorship package !

Effective promotional tools increase the attraction of your target audience.
Plan ahead to take advantage of participating at the trade fair!

the latest promotion guide will be available after the end of June 2022


Please send the following materials by mail or E-mail :

-Application form
-Company profile (First-time exhibitors only)
-Product photos / Catalogues

For standard booth, you may need at least following costs.

  1. Participation fee (Raw space only )
  2. Display equipment

In addition to above, insurance on products, shipping fee, transportation fare, accommodation fee, and interpreter service fee, etc.

The organiser will allocate all booth locations by product groups in the orders of applications received. 

For exhibitors applying for standard booth, booth fittings are not included. However you are able to make additional booth fitting at your own expense.
For exhibitors applying for over 10 booths (40㎡), raw space only is provided. Booth fittings such as octanorm wall panel system, sign, needle punch carpet and power supply are not included and are in exhibitor's responsibility.

As for the reduction in size, cancellation fee will be applied as noted in General terms & conditions of the application form. To increase booth size, it depends on the availability of space remaining. In either case, please contact the organiser immediately.

Yes. The organiser will provide stock space. But the space is limited, unlocked and will be shared with other exhibitors. The organiser will not be responsible for any loss or damage. Therefore, the organiser highly recommends exhibitors that all packing material be kept inside your booth space, or consult your forwarder.

Yes, the official booth constructor provides the service. Please check booth fitting guide in Materials / download.

Yes. Please register your exhibitor names that are going to be used for printed materials and other promotional items through online "Exhibitor's page".

Yes. 1 month prior to the fair, all exhibitors will be able to list themselves up in the “Exhibitor Search” on the official website. Using this system, you can announce it in advance.

Yes. Sales activity is not prohibited. However the organiser refuses to take any responsibility for troubles caused by this.

Warning – unofficial exhibitor directories

Materials to download